Last days I listen to this playlist a lot (too much to be honest)
I knew 8tracks for years but I never registered but now I see the point of this site and I like it so much I assume I'll create many playlist soon kekekekkk
By the way give me your 8tracks account I want to follow more people °^°

Cute robots and anime mood for hourrrrrs ♥

Well. I visited my mom and she was acting in something like ... a play, but very strange and emotional.
The scenery was very nice and allowed many perspective tricks with the actors. It lasted 40min approximately, and during all that time, not a single sound came out of any of the actors' mouths. Only moves, slow walks, and sometimes a very sad voice from speakers telling us deep and philosophic-like texts and toughts. 
It's very hard for me to describe all of it, because this is quite complex and the play tried to represent concepts of life, interactions between people, relationships, etc. that actors illustrated. 

I found a job for the last weeks of summer yay I'm happy o/
It's not a very important job and I won't earn that much money but never mind it's still nice.

We celebrated Charlie & Mollie's 20th birthday during a big party ! Everything (even guests outfits) was Alice in Wonderland/Through the looking glass related. Charlie was the Mad Hatter and Mollie decided to embody one of these cutie oyster eaten by the walrus during the story told by Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum. Guess what ? The walrus was her boyfriend. Haha.

She was carrying and big oyster shell on her back, self-made with papier-mâché !
Her outfit included : a pastel pink bodysuit pimped with lilac and white tulle, a bright pink petticoat and a pearl necklace obviously !

We were like .. 20 ? And no one disguised as Alice ! Wow ! Congrats ! I think most of us were afraid too see a thousand guests disguised in Alice for the party but actually it turned like nobody wanted to do the main character of the story... We also had one or two Mad Hatter, three white bunnies, two March Hares, one white/red rose, three card soldiers and, a  Tweedle Dee withouthis Tweedle Dum (or vice versa ???), and a Red Queen. 

the food too was awesome

(see below)

We baked many cakes, salted or sweetened, with various size and shapes !
I apply the pink frosting on the EAT ME shortbread biscuits, and wrote the sentence EAT ME too, with a chocolate-vanilla topping  it was hard because I have 0 aptitude concerning pastry and baking cakes but it could have been worse and I even enjoyed drawing flowers instead of EAT ME and other stuffs ~ ♥

There was the most fabulous cake ever : WATERMELON CAKE.

* * * *

It's a block of 

watermelon covered

 with icing and damn

the combination 

of the two flavours is

 intense and delicious !!

* * * * 

Here is one corner of the table I was too lazy and too hungry to go to te other side and picture the whole buffet FORGIVE ME


Inspirations #2 + outfits


1. Kuua 

I discovered her purely hazardly by clicking randomly on tumblr posts' sources and liked her style a lot.
I really appreciate the melt of pastel and sweet clothes x spikes, dark things, metal and kinky elements.

She's only 18 and oh my god she's sos killed at drawing and OMG HER STYLE. 

2. Spooky Puke

I like the way she associates colors, and patterns. Half 70's, half modern, her style is perfect. Also her tumblr is a fabulous source of inspiration. While her outifts are barely simple and poorly accesorized, it always works ! I also like her tattoos and makeup (thick eyebrows and sharpies eyeliner awww true love forever).


Wendy shared awesome remake clothes lately and among all the pretty pics she uploaded these two pics below really caught my attention. This is remake dungarees with something which seems to be .... xxl tartan shirts ? And also a dress made of an Adidas sport tank top and a pretty chiffon or tulle skirt with lace added on the collar and one shoulder. I like it because I like street snaps with sportwears and here we have a combination of two completely different styles but it's very new and good mix of clothes. Plus, the colors are rad !

Next time I'll go to a thrift store or flea market I think I'll buy some sportwear and stuff and begin to sew remake clothes to. It seems to be quite simple (just barely like sticking two clothes together).

Speaking of remake, check this awesome bag : It seems to be a former leather jacket transformed into a backpack !! Leather is quite hard to sew homemade though .... but this idea is perfect. On the other hand, you have to be ready to "sacrified" your punk spiked jacket and never wear it again ! At least, not like a vest anymore.

Also more perfect back-shaved hair :
The first one is truly m favorite because the colour of the hair is simply awesome (remember the time when my hair were like this too *SIGH*) and braided style is nice.
Also she shave it quite high. Yummm.

Fact 1 : O-dangos and buns are cool. 
Fact 2 : but Pink buns and backcut are even cooler YAYYY

Now that my College's 1st year is over I came back to my former town and I'm currently living with my boyfriend in his flat. It is very small but it doesn't matter, as long as we are happy !
Because of this situation I can now snap myself more often and in better conditions indubitably, considering the fact that there is an access to the outside for green grass and nature scenery.

Sooooo many snap have been made since the begining of June, enjoy (or not)

This skirt with eyes is really interesting, I like it because of the pattern and also because I've seen it on my friend Takuka last summer it was awesome and suited her well but since I've bought it I'm a bit disapointed because it is weirdly-shaoed I don't know how to explain it but yeah weird. Not the comfiest I've ever wear actually. Anyway I like to wear because black x white & me is a true love story haha 
Also yeah this striped crop top : I want to wear it every day it's perfect.

I think I don't wear this jewels crop top enough. I bought a logn time ago but don't use it very often ... but it's sooooo fab ! My satin shorts are actually pajamas panties haha swear it but I don't care it's very comfy and soft. I'm not very used to wear shorts but eh what do you wan it's summer & the weather is hot as hell. 

This outfit was quicky made after I bought the vintage jacket you can see on the picture because I found this cloth so rad and wanted to create a coordination with it as soon as possible. Unfortunately I discovered the day I wear it that it was a bit too hot for the current emperature and weather so see you back on Autumn dear vest yay ~~~
Also I wasn't sure if all those colours would match together but it seems to be ok you tell me ...

Haven't wear my BOY LONDON tshirt for a while ! Also this vest matching exact colours with the bag. (you can't see it here but the inside of the vest is purple as well).

Inauguration of my first pair of Jelly sandals and ugly pastel sweater. It has a turtleneck and I hate it fffffu I think I'll cut it soon.

I felt a bit Wes Anderson-styled when wearing this outfit I don't know why but it was clearly the mood to my mind's eye. What do you think ?

I wear too much purple and too much blue.

One of my favorite outfit lately ! 

I decided to add a little punk to this outfit with the tartan and the destroyed denim jacket but keep a little feminin spirit though by wearing this giant skirt. 

Moreover, this BOY LONDON t-shirt can fit both punk and street styles and it is perfect for this outfit which some combination of these two styles I guess.

♥ That's all for today see ya guys ♥



Marin - Sexy Sushi


A lot stuff happened since the last blog post !
First I "changed" my hairrrrr. I bought synthetic roots dreads from Madz's buisness : Watermelon Dreads.
I really recommand her job, she is very professional, comunicates a lot, and her dreads are incredible quality !
So my head is now transformed with these amazing dreads. I love it ♥
Here is the beast :

Despite its big volume, it doesn't weight that much. These dreads are very soft and smooth like plushies.
The first days it's quite weird to feel them on your head, as they are tighten up with your braided real hair.
You aso need extremely large chouchous.

My boyfriend also bought some from Madz. They are not purely roots but wrapped roots :

I intend to keep my head this style for a few months, at least until the month of July.
Then I'll remove them and dyed my hair deep bluish black once again. Before I braided my dreads on my head, I cut my hair quite short (to the shoulders almost) because lenghts was quite damaged.

My back cut is almost as long as my other hair, finally ! When it will be long enough, I assume I will dye it bright blue or multicolor, don't really know yet ...
And then a bit later I would probably want to put my dreads again haha
And my not buy another head of dreads ? blblbl

Since I moved away from Nantes for the summer, I now live at my boyfriend's flat in Rennes.
Sinc a few weeks we regularly invite friends at home. Last days we were with Guillaume we watched a lot of films (very long veryyyyyy veryyyyy long films). Obviously I fell asleep u_u ... Program was :

Kwaidan - Masaki Kobayashi (1965)
12 Monkeys - Terry Gilliam (1996)
Doctor Horrible's sing-along blog 

We went to the Brocéliande Forest with Collector (my boyfriend), Mollie & Charlie.
I'll write a post about it soon ! But for now, legs selfie with Mollie. Haha !

We chilled out outside with Collector last weekend. We thrifted and bought yummy asian food and then saw abandonned furnitures in the garbages and decided to take improvised photo on a incredibly confortable armchair. We tried to make it Street Lords styled.

We wanted to pick it up to the flat but we were quite far from it and didn't have any car. 
It recalled me the time when the municipality of Cesson's City decided to demolish an old Town Hall annex and Collector visited the ruins and found an old armchair and decided to pick it up to his house. He put it in a wheelbarrow and make it roll all the way long to home.
It wad so big that he wasn't entering through the bay window ! 

I spent the Mom's Day at my Mom's, obviously, and the family ate a giant crab. Since I'm a  vegetarian I didn't any, but here is a funny photo taken by my boyfriend :

Lately I found my old over the knees black socks so I wore it in a recent outfit yay !

Cardigan : gift
Crop top : thrifted vintage
Skirt : H&M
Socks : H&M
Shoes : Buffalo vintage

♥ That's all for today, see you ♥


Ouija Girl Party

I spent 4 days at Rennes last week essentially with my boyfriend to do a break before the final line (aka exams that piss me off).

Street seen at Rennes city center

We planned to spend a night with a friend I haven't seen for a while and doing an experimental movies' marathon !! The line up was :

After the rain - Akira Kurosawa (1999) 
Ran - Akira Kurosawa (1985)
Mystery of Lisbon - Raùl Ruiz (2010)

Before this geeky evening, my boyfriend and I went to the supermarket to buy fat and sweet food (rip flat belly ;____;) and I saw THIS THING

To sum up, those are tin cans (erw I hate tin can food already ... erw erw erw. Just erw.) filled up with raviolis, SWEET raviolis. The yellow one is banana flavoured and drowned in a chocolate sauce ... the right one seems even more gross : strawberry flavoured with vanilla sauce.

Can you imagine the very chemical/not natural at all tase of these .... these errors of french marketing ???
Holy shit.

After I saw them I wasn't craving of popcorn and stuffs for this movies' marathon. I stared at my boyfriend right in the eyes and tell them : "well no fatty food for today. By just seeing these sweet raviolis cans I feel like getting even more fat."
So we bought plenty of fruits (huhuhuhu ♥) and mangos were really cheap but yet very delicious !

(Slushies are awesome by the way hahem)

Sunday I went to Rennes Tattoo Convention and I get tattooed by Vero from Montréal, a marvellous tattoo artist with a really brilliant realistic style. She didn't have place to tattoo other people anymore but she told me that as she really appreciated my project of a bee over the knee she will probably tattoo me after the Tattoo Convention. I came back at 18h and she did it ♥

Vero's spot was also Maïka's one, a really nice tattooist too. 
I was glad to discover that just next to their stand, there was Xoïl & Toko Lören, and a bit behind La Cour des Miracles. Xoïl & Toko are two guys from Savoie with a very unique style metling realistic, ink splashes, and geometrical forms and many more elements. They often tattoo with black, light red and navy-blue inks.

Xoïl work in a nutshell :

That was my pretty first tattoo. It lasted 1h30 and my wrists ached me more than the tattoo the day after because I was very stressed and I was pressing them while she was tattooing my tight to deal with pain. 
The lowest part of tight (just over the knee) is known as one of the most painful place to get tattooed. 
Actually it was just like I felt my flesh cut with razor blade or a knife.

♥ It hurted but I DONT CARE I want more tattoo and basically more bodmods ♥

At this Convention I also bought new piercings jewels at the Urban Tribe stand, my favorite ear lugs retailer. They sold me this adorable septum you can see next to this text, another moustache-shaped septum (yes. for real. no kidding.) and a 20mm wooden ear plugs. Wooden plugs are the best !

 Monday we did shopping and I tried this nice XL sweater from the men's section and a gorgeous tropical green dress which really embellish boobs :B héhé.

Then as it was very sunny we randomly walked through the city center and we met old friends and we finally arrived to "Le 7", a tattoo shop.
My boyfriend has a huge tattoo project and wanted to discuss it with professionals. He wants a historical chinese engraving on his entire back but as it is his first project the two guys from Le 7 was afraid that he won't stand the pain. Because it represents a whole day of work, so something like 10h almost non-stop. Anyway they are really interested and motivated for this tattoo project and tehy will discuss it morre another day, my boyfriend told them he will come back at the end of this week.

Well, to conclude my audio crush of the week :



Hellooooooo world

Since I'm living alone for almost  year now, I changed my food habits a lot. I started to eat healthier, and since March, I'm trying to eat as fresh as I can according to my tastes and budget.

I'm a vegetarian for years, and I never ate animal protein (e.g. eggs or fish) that much.
Now I only eat eggs and fish very rarely, and when I'm baking cakes I try to substitue eggs and other animal-related ingredients (like cream, milk, honey ....).

For example, my vegan pancake recipe is really simple.
I experienced it at the first time a day when I lacked of milk and eggs. So I decided to eliminate eggs from the recipe, and replaced cow milk by soy milk. Also I rather use whole-wheat flour.
So, with this recipe, you only need flour, soy milk and baking powder !

I barely feed with vegetables (veggies huhu <3), cereals and mungo bean protein.
Presentation and aspect of the plate really maters I believe.

Here are some of my meals (mostly breakfasts), because i loooove photograph them *food creep*